ready to take care of any of your bike maintenance and repair needs (electric or otherwise).


Every e-bike that we sell comes with a free 6-week service as standard.

We know how important it is to keep your e-bike on the road and in tip-top shape. So we pride ourselves on having incredible aftercare and servicing available for your bike. From quick cleans and tune ups, to e-bike health checks, there is nothing that we can’t help you with.

We carry a wide selection of spares and components to help get your bike back on the road.

Here are some of the services we offer.

Tune Up Service – £45.00

  • Bike Cleaned and Frame Inspected
  • Gears inspected and adjusted correctly
  • Brakes inspected and adjusted correctly
  • Drive train and chain removed, cleaned and lubricated.
  • Cassette/Freewheel removed, cleaned and inspected for wear
  • Rims inspected for wear and damage
  • Tyre and sidewall inspected for wear and inflated to correct pressure
  • Headset inspected and adjusted if necessary
  • Bottom brackets inspected and adjusted if necessary

E-Bike Special – £90.00  

  • Everything from Tune Up Service
  • Electrical connectors cleaned and greased with contact grease, specific for electric bikes.
  • Inspect throttle for damage and return spring. Ensure functioning correctly.
  • Inspect ignition switch and ensure functioning correcting
  • Test dashboard/display is mounted and functioning correctly
  • Inspect motor for damage and ensure functioning correctly
  • Inspect battery for damage and ensure mounted correctly
  • Battery tested
  • Charger tested
  • Pedal assistance disc and sensor inspected and correctly mounted
  • Full battery charge

Other Services:

E-Bike Diagnostic – £35.00
Tyre/Tube Change – £12.00 (tubes from £6.50)
Plug and Play Motor Tyre/Tube Change – £15.00
Wired, Rear or High Power Wheel Motor Tyre/Tube Change – £20.00
Wheel True – £20.00/£30.00 (additional spokes £2.50)
Brake Adjustment – £17.50
Accessory fitting – from £8.50
Gear Alignment – £12.50
Bottom Bracket Replace – £25.00
Battery Health Check – £30.00

Please note, parts are not included unless stated. Any parts replaced will be subject to labour costs.

We have a very high success rate at repairing e-bikes, however we can only guarantee repairs on e-bikes that we are an authorised dealer for.
Once repairs are completed, we will store bikes for 5 days without charge before charging a fee of £10 a day.